Be Present Massage


Be Present Massage

At Be Present Massage ALL bodies are welcome. Massage is for EVERYbody & is a powerful vehicle for self-care.

Hi! My name is Angelique Sánchez LMT  I am  a licensed Massage Therapist & 2009 graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute. I am  also certified in Hospital & Oncology Massage through Beaumont Hospital & have training in CranioSacral Therapy through The Upledger Institute.

On a more personal note, massage and bodywork has been a profound way for me to connect with & honor my body. I strive to create an accepting healing space for my clients. Honoring ALL bodies naturally evolved to honoring myself. It's amazing to me how many people apologize to me for their unruly bodies. Because, bodies just don't behave to conform to societies unrealistic standards. This is because bodies are NOT one size, shape, color, ability. We are all unique and deserving of self-care. I hope I will see you soon. Take care of you. It's important work!


& Relaxing

Every massage session is customized to the individual client's needs. This means that most massages will be a blend of different techniques.

All massage is therapeutic, whether it is solely relaxation, deeper structural work, or CranioSacral Therapy.  

Massage can be therapeutic AND relaxing. In fact, the goal of every session is to create both. Even deep therapeutic work is better accomplished when the client is relaxed, the muscles and connective tissues are warmed and gradually released.

In addition, each session also includes the benefit of a BioMat treatment. The BioMat's far-infrared rays gently warm & soothe, while reducing inflammation.

It provides pain relief, eases joint stiffness, promotes relaxation, increases blood circulation & lymph movement, reduces stress & fatigue, and shortens recovery time.



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